Stash Busting ~ Yarn For Sale

UPDATE 12-19-2022 : I have sold some of the yarns I had listed.  I have updated the list below and the pages.  The list below is links to the pages.  Just click on what you're interested in to view pictures, quantities and prices.


I'm going to do this old school, for now anyway.  You won't be able to purchase from this page or site but you can contact me and we'll work it out.  The main purpose for this page is for you to be able to see pictures and information for what I have to sell. My intention here is to be selling local but if someone wants to pay for shipping, I can ship it to you. You can buy as many or as few of each one as you want.  In other words, if there are 10 skeins of a particular brand and color, you do NOT have to buy all 10. I've listed below, links to pages for the different brands just to make it easier.

Note: To email me scroll to the bottom of any of the pages, below the comment form, there is a form for sending me an email. This is only available on the web version, so click on 'view web version' for that option.  I've tested it today (11-9-2022) and it goes straight to my email and I'll get a notification on my phone.

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