Bernat Brand Yarns

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 Bernat Yarns are some of my favorites, along with Caron Brand. 

Bernat ~ Baby Coordinates ~  A sport weight, 75.2% acrylic, 22.2% acetate, 2.6% nylon, 6 ounce skeins, unless specified.

Aqua/Pink , 5 skeins available at $2.00 per skein

Bernat ~ Satin~ 100% acrylic, worsted weight, 3.5oz skeins unless specified, 163 yards per skein, for $2.00 a skein

Banana ~ 14 skeins available, a 15th skein weighing 3.1oz also for $2.00
Plum Mist Heather ~ 3 skeins available
Grey Mist Heather ~ 3 skeins available

Forest Mist Heather ~ 3 skeins available
Denim Mist Heather ~ 3 skeins available

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